The Easy Way to Create Local Delivery Routes for Your Shopify Orders

EasyRoutes helps you create optimized local delivery routes for your Shopify orders so you can drop off deliveries faster and more efficiently.

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Optimized Local Delivery Routes

Are you offering local delivery for your Shopify store and need a simple app to help you make a route?

Use the EasyRoutes Shopify App to quickly generate the most efficient delivery route for your shopify orders.

Simply select the orders you wish to deliver, click the "Generate Route" button, and the EasyRoutes app calculates the most effective, economical route to help your drivers drop-off their deliveries as quickly as possible.

Now supporting routes with up to 50 stops!

You can generate unlimited routes with up to 50 stops, and view your ordered optimized stops alongside a map. Send it to Google Maps for directions or to a printer to hand over to your driver.
EasyRoutes integrates perfectly with Shopify

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