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EasyRoutes has all the features you need to get started creating optimized delivery routes for your business.

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About EasyRoutes

EasyRoutes is a delivery route planner app that makes planning a route simple. You can then take your routes and share them with drivers, or you can deliver them yourself using our mobile-friendly driver mode. Shopify and your store's orders are seamlessly integrated with EasyRoutes. Simply select the orders you want to deliver, and EasyRoutes will calculate the most cost-effective delivery route.


How is this different to Shopify’s Local Delivery app?

Do you use Zapiet or other delivery apps?

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Utilizes all orders

You can access all of your Shopify orders, not just those marked "local delivery".

Share Routes

Share your routes with your drivers without requiring them to sign into Shopify.

Driver Mode

With our mobile-friendly driver mode, you can navigate your delivery stops in your vehicle.

Edit Routes

Edit and fine-tune your routes. You can rearrange the stops or add/edit addresses.

Proof of Delivery

Get peace of mind with proof of delivery. Attach multiple photos and note when dropping off a delivery.

Add Custom Stops

Custom addresses can be entered to deliver to orders placed outside of Shopify (e.g. over the phone).

Notify Customers

Inform customers when their orders are out for delivery and when they have been delivered (or if you miss the delivery).

Mark as Delivered

Items can be marked as delivered by drivers (or missed). There is no need to rectify orders later in Shopify as we update your orders for you.

Drive Times/ETAs

View estimated drive times and arrival times to help you plan your day more effectively.

Time Per Stop

To assist with scheduling, specify how much time you need to spend at each stop.

Smart Route-Splitting

Choose your orders and the number of routes you want them divided into.

Route Inventory

Before you leave, use our packing list to ensure you have everything you need.

No Bad Addresses

EasyRoutes highlights addresses that have errors and provides a quick way to fix them.

Customizable Views

Show only the information you require/want to see. You can hide the rest until you need it.

Get Directions

To help you get there faster, open your stops in Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.

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