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Turn your BigCommerce orders into delivery routes

EasyRoutes turns your BigCommerce orders into optimized delivery routes you can share with your drivers or deliver yourself. Save hours and dollars planning your deliveries!

EasyRoutes - Create simple delivery routes with ease
Save time planning routes

Save Time Planning.

Select your orders and hit the "Create New Route" button! We'll generate a route map, an optimized stop list and a route inventory.

Share mobile-friendly routes with drivers

Share Routes.

Once you've created a route you can share it with your drivers or head out to do your own deliveries with our mobile-friendly delivery view.

Customer delivery notifications

Notify Your Customers.

We'll email your customers to let them know when their orders are out for delivery and when their orders are delivered.

5 Star Rating

"The EasyRoutes app saves us probably 40 hours per week, and I can genuinely say it would be hard to run our business without it." - Misa Christmas Trees

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Save time and money planning

Figuring out the best way to get your products delivered to your customers can be challenging. It's time-consuming and those hours could be better spent working on other aspects of your business, but it doesn't have to be this complicated and difficult!

EasyRoutes is a delivery route planner app that saves you the pain of having to figure out complicated enterprise routing software, the agony of exporting and transforming data into spreadsheets, and the frustration of setting up complicated driver apps.

We integrate directly with BigCommerce and your store's orders. Simply select the ones you wish to route and EasyRoutes will calculate the most optimal way to deliver your products. Once generated, click another button and share the route with your driver. They can mark orders as delivered and we'll email your customers know when their orders are on the way and when they have been delivered.

Share routes with drivers

Once you have create a route, you can edit and tweak it before hitting the road. Rearrange your delivery stops, add new orders, add custom stops for deliveries outside of BigCommerce, or edit existing addresses already in your list. We also provide a handy inventory you can use as a packing list to make sure you have everything you need before you head out for your deliveries.

When your route is ready, you can share it with your driver using a secure web link; no need for complicated driver apps! Your driver can open the mobile-friendly link on their device and let your customers know their packages are on the way. Delivery view lets your drivers easily navigate stop-to-stop. They can see the items in the orders, contact customers in case they need to, and ultimately mark orders as delivered (or missed!).

Save hours planning delivery routes
Best route app

How It Works

Select your orders

Select the orders you want to turn into delivery routes. You can search, filter, and apply tags to find the orders you need.

Review your routes

Review your optimized routes. You can edit and re-order your stops or add in custom stops or other orders.


Share your routes with your drivers or use our mobile-friendly driver mode to go out and deliver on your own.

Our Features

Everything you need to start generating optimized delivery routes that work for your business. Learn more.

Uses All Orders

Access all your BigCommerce orders. Jus pick the ones you want to route.

Share Routes

Share your routes with your drivers without them needing to log in to BigCommerce.

Driver Mode

Navigate your delivery stops in your vehicle with our mobile-friendly driver mode.

Edit Routes

Edit and tweak your routes. Change the order of stops or add/edit addresses.

Add Custom Stops

Add in custom addresses to deliver to orders taken outside of BigCommerce (e.g. over the phone).

Notify Customers

Let customers know when their orders are on the way and when they have been delivered.

Mark as Delivered

Drivers can mark items as delivered (or missed). No need to come back to BigCommerce to rectify things after.

Drive Times/ETAs

See estimated drive times and arrival times to help you better plan your day.

Smart Route-Splitting

Select your orders and the number of routes you would like them split in to.

Route Inventory

Use our packing list to make sure you have all your items before heading out.

Customizable Views

Display only the information you need/want to see. You can hide the rest.

Google Maps Directions

Send your route (or just the next stop) to Google Maps to help you get there quicker.

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Who is EasyRoutes good for?

EasyRoutes is great for any business performing their own local deliveries.

Breweries & Distilleries



Coffee Shops



Meal Kits


Subscription Boxes

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