About EasyRoutes: How It Works

EasyRoutes has everything you need to get started creating optimized delivery routes for your business.

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About EasyRoutes

EasyRoutes is a delivery route planner app for local deliveries that makes it simple to plan a route. You can then take your routes and share them with drivers, or you can deliver them yourself using our mobile-friendly driver mode.

EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated with Shopify. You won't have to waste time exporting and importing spreadsheets anymore. Simply select the orders you want to deliver, and EasyRoutes will calculate the most cost-effective delivery route.

3-Steps to dispatching delivery routes

Step 1: Select Orders
Step 1: Select Orders

Choose which orders you want to turn into delivery routes. You can filter, apply tags, and search to find the orders you need.

Step 2: Review/Edit Route
Step 2: Review/Edit Route

Review your optimized routes. You can add and edit stops, and drag-and-drop to re-order them.

Step 3: Share/Deliver
Step 3: Share/Deliver

Share your routes with your drivers or use our mobile-friendly driver view to go out do your own deliveries.

Step 1: Select the orders you want to route ✅

EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated with Shopify and your orders. As soon as you open up our app you will see your orders on the Select Orders screen.

Use filters, apply tags, and search to find the exact orders you want to route. Click the Add Orders to Route button to add your selection to your route staging area.

When you have selected all the orders you need, just click the Create New Route button and EasyRoutes will optimize your addresses and output a map, stop list, and a route inventory you can use as a packing list.

Did a last minute order just come in? Click the Send to Another Route button to add it to a route you've already created.

Step 2: Review/edit your optimized route ✏️

Once you have created your route, you are good to go. It's already been optimized to be the fastest route possible!

However, we do know that sometimes you need to make your own changes, so EasyRoutes has a full suite of edit tools that makes this easy! Click the Edit button to go into Edit mode. Here you can add custom stops from outside of Shopify, edit stop addresses and stop times, rearrange stops by dragging and dropping, and even split your orders off into another route.

Once you're happy with your route, click the Save button and you're ready to deliver it!

Step 3: Share your route or deliver it yourself 📦

When you are happy with your route, you then have the choice of delivering it yourself, or dispatching the route to a driver. To deliver the route yourself, click on the Go to Driver View button. This will load you into our mobile-friendly driver view (more on that below) which has been designed for ease of use while in your vehicle.

If you are working with drivers, just click the Share button and EasyRoutes will generate a secure link that auto-expires after 48 hours. No need to set up iOS or Android apps, EasyRoutes works on any internet-connected mobile phone or tablet with a web-browser.

You can send this link to your driver by copying and pasting it, or use our shortcuts to send the link by email, SMS/text message, or even WhatsApp.

Driver view is our mobile-friendly delivery mode for your driver (or for yourself, if you are doing your own deliveries). It lets your driver focus on one stop at a time and is designed to put a number of commonly used controls right at your driver’s fingertips.

Drivers can mark orders as Out for Delivery, Delivered, and Missed Delivery. And because EasyRoutes is integrated with Shopify, any updates your driver make to the order updates instantly in your store's backend.

Your driver can head to their next stop using their navigation app of choice (Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze). They can also take photos or capture a signature as proof of delivery and attach them to your order in Shopify.

Driver view lets your drivers see any important order notes and the contents of the order they are delivering. They can also call or text a customer with the tap of a button.

How is EasyRoutes different to the Shopify Local Delivery app?

EasyRoutes picks up where Shopify's Local Delivery App ends. EasyRoutes does a lot of things that Shopify Local Delivery can't, such as:

Are you using Zapiet or other delivery apps?

Do you use subscription apps like Recharge or Bold?

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